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Coastal Dune Lakes

This is a unique habitat that’s found in only a handful of places around the world, such as New Zealand, Madagascar, Australia and the Pacific Northwest. 

  • Morris Lake & Campbell Lake: 7525 West Scenic Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, $6 fee.
  • Allen Lake: Limited access along Scenic Hwy. 30A. 
  • Oyster Lake: Limited access at the 30A and Lake Causeway Walkover Bridge. 
  • Big Redfish Lake: Blue Lake Rd, Santa Rosa Beach. Limited parking
  • Little Redfish Lake: 357 Main Park Rd, Grayton Beach. $4 Grayton Beach State Park Fee. 
  • Alligator Lake: 357 Main Park Rd, Grayton Beach. $4 Grayton State Park fee.
  • Western Lake:  357 Main Park Rd, Grayton Beach. Parking / Boat Ramp. $4 entrance fee.
  • Eastern Lake: Corner of Lakewood Drive & Lakeview Drive. Parking, picnic tables, boat ramp. 
  • Deer Lake: 6350 East County Rd 30A, Santa Rosa Beach. $4 entrance fee. 
  • Camp Creek Lake: WaterSound, Limited Access

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